Southern Secret Doubtful Sound Overnight

Haere mai, welcome aboard the MV Southern Secret.

For one night we invite you to journey into the wilderness & experience untouched New Zealand at its very finest. Marvel at steep mountain cliffs surrounding the deep waters of Doubtful Sound. View incredible scenery, wildlife, mammals & waterfalls from the comfort of the Southern Secret. There is opportunity to Fish & Kayak as conditions allow. Luncheon, Evening Meal & Breakfast are included. Maximum of 5 couples or 12 guests per night.

Personalised Doubtful Sound Overnight Cruise

Wildlife such as dolphins, penguins and seals may be seen

Surrounded by spectacular and untouched scenery

21 hours on Doubtful Sound



Checking and resetting crayfish traps*

Private Double or Twin Cabin with own toilet and shower

Meals provided include luncheon, evening meal and breakfast prepared onboard

Doubtful Sound Overnight Cruises onboard Southern Secret operated by Fiordland Cruises.

Cruise the fiords of Doubtful Sound, sightseeing and exploring the history and splendor, pause at features for photographs and to observe marine mammals, cast a line for fishing, check the crayfish traps and savor the spectacular scenery and wildlife. Activities onboard can include fishing, mammal watching and star gazing on clear evenings. Wildlife often sighted in Doubtful Sound may include dolphins, penguins, seals and sea birds. Fiordland Cruises is the original Company offering Overnight Cruises in Doubtful Sound.

Experience the raw beauty of Doubtful Sound Overnight; nature in its most pristine form. See piercing mountain peaks, deep valleys, rivers that turn into waterfalls and ancient glacier carved fiords. Fiordland Cruises invite you to join your hosts for a personalised and relaxed Doubtful Sound Overnight Journey of Discovery.

Season: September – May each year. Bookings open now.